Relationship Coaching for Committed Couples looking for a Closer, more Intimate Connection.

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Relationship Coaching for committed couples
who want a closer, more intimate connection.

You know that fairy tale love isn’t possible, but you still believe in true love. You found your one, special person and made a lifetime commitment. You accept that there will be good times and hard times. You understand that you will have to put work into the relationship. And you are willing to do all of this to get the security and happiness that you want.

This marriage thing is harder than you expected.

You've struggled to live together peacefully and stay in sync. The good times are interrupted by periods of conflict or feelings of loneliness and disconnection. You can’t pinpoint what causes things to shift. And you want the shifts to stop, or at least become less dramatic.

You want to stay together, but you also want to be happy.

And you want your partner to be happy.

But what can you do? Is this what staying together means?

Sometimes it feels so defeating.

There is another way.

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I help couples who are committed to their relationship build the peaceful, connected, intimate relationship they long for with their Partner.

I teach them to:
•  Talk so their partner will listen.  
•  Work through problems in a way that builds the relationship.
•  Build in more good times to buffer the challenging times.
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There are three important keys to having a truly great relationship.

1. Learn and practice good relationship habits so your relationship continues to grow even when you are focused on other things.

2. Tackle problems when they come up in a way that gives you good options that you can both support.

3. Clean up and repair messes as they happen.

You'll learn that you can use straightforward and strategic tools that will transform your relationship from rocky to stable and enjoyable. You want to tackle the problems because:

•  You're tired of the heartache of difficult times.
•  You're frustrated with the wasted resources from working at cross purposes.
•  You're sick of the instability of waiting for the next problem to pop up.
•  The guilt of repeated missteps in the relationship feels overwhelming.
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When you work well together as a couple, you'll get:

•  The peace of mind that comes from the confidence of knowing that you can work together.
•  The health benefits of having a stable, well-functioning relationship.
•  The generational benefits of modeling a good relationship for your kids.
•  The freedom to focus on other goals such as your career, parenting, and hobbies.
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You can have a long relationship and a good relationship.

Your journey starts here.

Cheri Timko

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