I'm a relationship coach who supports committed couples who want to do more than “just stay together” in an average or unhappy relationship. I help you develop a close, connected, and satisfying relationship.

Together, we identify and make small adjustments to the parts of your relationship where you struggle so you can have the kind of relationship that you dreamed of.

Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko - Relationship Coach


Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko

You found “your person.”

You found the one person who touched your heart.  With them, you felt seen, heard, and valuable. This was not an arbitrary decision. In your heart, you knew they were the right person for you. You didn’t ignore their faults, but you knew that the two of you could really be something special. So, you made a lifelong commitment to them.

You quickly realized that the deep love you have for one another doesn't guarantee you'll have smooth sailing.

 At first, you quickly recovered from arguments and it was fun to make up. After time, the differences between you started to really wear on you and your relationship. Now, you feel misunderstood and lonely too much of the time. Now a simple statement can lead to an argument.

Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko


You did the expected things: got good jobs, bought a house, had kids. Now there isn’t even time to work on the relationship. You work well together in some areas, but it feels like there is a gulf forming between you. You feel stuck in a rut or on a hamster wheel.  Too often, you just feel like roommates. This isn’t what you thought you were signing up for.

It’s not enough for your relationship to just survive, you want it to thrive.


Together, we identify the areas of your relationship that are not functioning well.

Many couples come to work with me when they feel:

 • disconnected from one another
 • argue too much
 • have lots of miscommunications

• have stopped having sex
• feel disappointed with their relationship
• struggle to recover from hurtful situations and statements

Working together, you will learn skills to improve in the relationship. With practice and support, these new ways of interacting become regular habits that strengthen your connection.

The goal is not to change who either of you are. Instead, we want to find the intersection of each person’s needs and find the sweet spot of living happily and easily together. That means that there is no cookie-cutter solution to fit each couple. With my help, you'll identify which interventions to try, then put them into practice to see what kind of a difference they make.

You can achieve results by participating in the group program or through weekly coaching sessions with me. You choose which services fit for your situation based on your comfort level. The best results come when you both attend your chosen program. However, I have had great success collaborating with one partner who shares the information with their partner or uses the new information on their own.


Stage of Relationship

What You Want

Resources specifically for you

Follow links so specific products


  • Want to set up the relationship for success
  • Identify parts of the relationship that you might struggle with as you move forward
  • Develop good habits before getting into bad cycles
  • To be proactive and prevent future problems.
  1. Strengthen Your Relationship With A Quick Win: ideas for how to intentionally practice habits so the relationship will grow over time.
  2. Synergy Facebook Page for inspiration, tips, encouragement, and announcements
  3. Special Topic Webinars
  4. 16 week group course 
  • Put intensive attention on the relationship for a short period of time, then practice the habits over time.

In Crisis

  • Know what to do immediately in the crisis
  • Make good decisions for everyone involved
  • To minimize your pain
  • Know how to heal from the crisis
  1. Healing Relationship Injuries course
  2. Know What's Right For Your Relationship decision-making flowchart: use the flow chart to determine what your next actions should be
  • Use coaching or therapy to stabilize the relationship 

Long-term partnership or marriage

  • Feel lonely, out-of-sync, argue too much, have difficulty solving problems
  •  From the outside, look like have a good relationship
  • Function reasonably well as a couple with some speed bumps 
  • Have cycles in the relationship that sometimes feel awful 
  1. Strengthen Your Relationship With A Quick Win.
  2. Special Topic Webinars 
  3. 16 week course/group  
  • Put intensive attention on the relationship for a short period of time, then practice the habits and new skills over time
  • Change the course of the relationship with small tweaks that add up over the length of the relationship 
  • Course correction 

Long-term happy relationship or marriage

  • Overall happy with the state of the relationship 
  • Want challenges to continue growing 
  • Want to connect with other couples who are committed to their relationship 
  • Be part of a movement 
  • Get periodic encouragement and ideas to continue growing as a couple

Let's Get Started!

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You can have a long relationship and a good relationship.

Your journey starts here.

Synergy Coaching, Cheri Timko, Relationship Coach, Fairmont, WV
Relationship Coaching with Cheri Timko

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