At the beginning of your relationship, you knew in your heart that you made a good choice when it came to your partner.

You were on the same page with all of the important things. The relationship was fun and easy, and you felt in sync. You could see your future in each other’s eyes. You felt so confident that the two of you had what it would take to share a great life together. You knew there would be hard times, but you pictured the two of you tackling them together. So you made a lifelong commitment. It has been a while since that hopeful beginning. And, you know, life happens.

You still believe that your partner is your person, but you don’t understand how the two of you got so out-of-sync. Too often, you feel irritated with one another. A simple exchange such as “how was your day” turns into bickering. The exciting parts of your relationship, those moments when you actually connect, feel so few and far between that you are beginning to feel like roommates. You are so tired from day-to-day obligations that you don’t even have the energy to work on the relationship. You feel worn out from trying harder and harder to make the relationship live up to your hopes and dreams.

For you, it’s not enough just to stay together. You want to thrive together.

You worry about the direction that the relationship is headed. Sometimes one or both of you will “try harder” in the relationship. You set aside time to go on a date. You make an effort to talk more often. And that makes things feel better for a short while. Yet, too soon things go back to the way they were. Nothing has worked long-term and you end up back to feeling lonely and disconnected.

What if there was a way to feel connected with your partner everyday without it taking much time or energy?

Imagine you are in the close and connected relationship you desire. One where you look forward to seeing one another. One that feels good to be in. One where you feel like a team. Where you feel cared about and special to your partner. One where you feel like a priority.

You’re finally in a partnership that makes you feel better about yourself and your partner. 

You have more energy to put towards other parts of your life: kids, job, hobbies, family and friends. Your go through life with your relationship running smoothly in the background helping you be your best self as you work towards your goals.

Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko, Relationship Coach

You are ready to live out that “love for a lifetime” that you committed to when you chose your partner. 

You have the confidence that this relationship gives you when you feel secure in the knowledge that your love will last. And you do it in a way that doesn’t exhaust you or suck the energy from other parts of your life. You don’t just know that you are lucky with your partner, you feel lucky with your life and relationship. You have what you promised one another—a lifetime of love and support from which you can accomplish all sorts of other goals.

Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko, Relationship Coach

Does this sound like you?

  • You believe in your decision to be with your partner, but you thought your lives would be better than they are.
  • You feel disconnected from your partner because you only talk about work, chores, and the family.
  • You too often feel like a failure because you frequently bicker and feel irritated with each other.
  • You worry that your relationship can’t be better than it is because you've tried everything you can think of and you feel drained and tired from the effort.
  • You worry that you are on a path that could lead to divorce or resigning yourself to an unfulfilling relationship.

Let me help you change your story.

I am a relationship coach who helps couples identify and develop the habits that allow their relationship to deepen and grow even while they are occupied with other parts of their lives. When we work together, you will develop and follow a step-by-step plan that will take your relationship to the next level. You will choose from low-energy and highly effective options that develop closeness every day.

Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko, Relationship Coach

After completing Work Smarter on Your Happily Ever After, you'll:

Learn how to invest a small amount of time into your relationship so you can relax around one another knowing that your relationship is on firmer ground. Cut through all of the relationship advice out there and hone in on the relationship habits that mean the most to each of you and will get you the results you really want.

Work Smarter on Your Happily Ever After includes:

A Starting Point Relationship Assessment

Before we meet, you will complete a short questionnaire about the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. This helps us identify what is working well in the relationship, and where you would like to make improvements. This helps us make the most of our time together.

Work Smarter, Not Harder Plan

During your 90-minutes video session, we talk about a typical day and identify your missed opportunities to build the relationship through small interactions. Working with a comprehensive inventory of options, you choose the personalized strategies that are easiest for you to practice in your relationship. You will leave with a specific plan of what to do and when to practice each strategy.
It’s great when you and your partner can attend this session together, but still highly effective if only one of you participates. If both of you are present, you will make an agreement to practice the plan. You will leave the session feeling more confident, excited, and optimistic that you know how to shift the cycle in your relationship.

The Agreement

Immediately following your session, you will receive an email summary of your personalized plan. The agreement ensures that you are both working on the relationship at the same time in the same ways, increasing the likelihood that you will see great results. You will have the agreement spelled out so you can refer back to it if you get off track.


Between our meeting and the follow-up, you will practice your plan and make note of what is working well and what needs to be adjusted for maximum effectiveness. Practice makes perfect, and practicing these relationship skills will move you closer to the relationship you have longed for.

Maintain Your Gains

After two weeks, we meet for a 30-minute check-in to evaluate and tweak your plan to ensure that you get the results you really want. You will bring your questions so we can make the expected adjustments to the plan. After seeing the power of this small change, you may also want resources for other similar changes.

You have longed for these changes for a long time. Now is the time to try a different plan. One that has worked for many other couples.




STEP 1: Click on the Schedule Now button.

STEP 2: Choose a time for your 90-minute video session. You will be prompted to read the consent agreement and pay for the services.

STEP 3: You will receive a confirmation email verifying your appointment time and including the Starting Point Relationship Assessment. Please complete the Assessment and return it at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment. You will receive a link to the video platform once you turn in your assessment.

STEP 4: At the scheduled time, use your secure link to the video platform.

I have struggled with the challenges of wanting that love to last. I’m a relationship coach who helps married and dating couples who struggle with miscommunication, arguing, emotional disconnection, and unresolved issues. They believe they chose the right partner but worry that the two of them will never sustain the close, harmonious, and intimate relationship they long for. I teach them to build their relationship as they work through disagreements and to use good relationship habits so they can enjoy the love they have for one another.

I'm a relationship coach who supports couples who want to do more than “just stay together” in an unhappy relationship. I help you develop a close, connected, and satisfying relationship. We identify and make small adjustments to the parts of your relationship where you struggle so you can have the kind of relationship that you dreamed of.

You can have a long relationship and a good relationship.

Your journey starts here.

Synergy Coaching with Cheri TImko, Relationship Coach

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