Strengthen Your Relationship

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It is overwhelming to realize that something is wrong in your relationship. You might not know the steps to take.  Use this flow chart to walk through where you are and which interventions will help you the most. Then you can get to work making changes with confidence that you are headed in the right direction.
 I'm a relationship coach who supports committed couples who want to do more than “just stay” in an unhappy relationship. I help you develop satisfying relationship and identify and make small adjustments to the parts of your relationship where you struggle so you can have the kind of relationship that you dreamed of.

Step-by-step plan to work on the rough spots in the relationship. With practice and support, these new ways of interacting become habits that strengthen your connection. It’s important that every solution is tailored to your specific situation. The goal is not to change who either of you are. Instead, we want to find the sweet spot of living happily together. We all have habits. Make sure that your habits are ones that support having a good relationship. When done well, good relationship habits allow your relationship to grow even when you aren't giving it all of your attention.That means that there is no cookie-cutter solution to fit each couple. With my help, you'll identify which interventions to try, then put them into practice to see what kind of a difference they make. You can achieve results by weekly coaching sessions with me. You choose which services fit for your situation based on your comfort level. The best results come when you both attend your chosen program. I have had great success collaborating with one partner who shares the information with their partner or uses the new information on their own.

Expected and unexpected challenges of loving one person and wanting that love to last. I’m a couples relationship coach who helps married and dating couples who struggle with unresolved issues. They believe they chose the right partner but worry that the two of them will never sustain the close, harmonious, and intimate relationship they long for. I teach them to build relationship as they work through disagreements and to use relationship habits so they can enjoy the love they have for one another.

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