Strengthen Your Relationship - Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko


Strengthen your relationship - Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko

You have realized that your relationship is on the wrong track. Now you need a quick win to help you turn things around. 

Strengthen your relationship - Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko, Relationship Coach

You want to feel better quickly. There are three relationship habits that will increase the goodwill and kindness to the relationship. Download this free handout to give you simple and straightforward steps to get you started on the right track.

We will develop a step-by-step individualized plan to work on the rough spots in the relationship. With practice and support, these new ways of interacting become regular habits that strengthen your connection. It’s important that each and every solution is tailored to your specific situation. The goal is not to change who either of you are. Instead, we want to find the intersection of each person’s needs and find the sweet spot of living happily and easily together. You'll actively identify which interventions to try, then put them into practice to know what kind of a difference they make. You can achieve results by participating in the group program or through weekly coaching sessions with me. You choose which services fit for your situation based on your comfort level. The best results come when you both attend your chosen program. However, I have had great success collaborating with one partner who shares the information with their partner or uses the new information.

  Need a quick win?  You realized that things are off track in your relationship.  Now you need quick wins to turn things around.  Download this Strengthen Your Relationship handout which outlines three relationship habits you can start using to see improvements immediately.
You can have a great relationship. Your journey starts here: Download Strengthen Your Relationship handout to make your first steps simple.

I’m a couples coach who helps couples who struggle with miscommunication, arguing, emotional disconnection, and unresolved issues. They believe they chose the right partner but worry that the two of them will never sustain the harmonious and intimate relationship they long for. I teach them to build their relationship as they work through disagreements and to use good relationship habits so they can enjoy the love they have for one another. Download Strengthen Your Relationship handout from Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko.

You could spend a lot of time going down a rabbit hole doing research and exploring ideas that will improve your relationship. Here are some resources to shortcut that process. We will identify and make small adjustments to the parts of your relationship where you struggle so you can have the kind of relationship that you dreamed of.