Building a strong and lasting relationship takes effort and commitment. Discover tips and strategies to strengthen your long-term relationship in this guide.

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Strengthen and Build your long-term Relationship.

Where you'll find the Date Your Way Back to Desire dating program for married couples.

Long-term relationships require patience, communication, and trust. Learn how to cultivate these qualities and build a lasting connection with your partner with this helpful guide.

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How to Establish a Healthy Long-term Relationship

Strategies for Creating Stronger Long-term Relationships

Secrets to Achieving a Long-term Relationship
The Benefits of Investing in Long-Term Relationships

Long-term relationships require continuous work in order to stay strong and healthy. Learn how to constructively build on your connection with this guide on building a lasting bond!

Learn ways to strengthen and build your relationship for the long-term. From setting ground rules to communication, find the strategies that help you stay connected and sustain a successful relationship.

Discover how to build and strengthen your long-term relationship with this actionable guide designed to help you navigate a course of success and fulfillment.

Make a strong and lasting bond with your partner by understanding the basics of sustaining a long-term relationship. Here’s an informative guide offering practical solutions for couples seeking strength!

Looking to strengthen and build your long-term relationship? Here is a guide that will help you do just that - learn how to get the best out of your relationship!

Learn sustainable ways to foster a long-term relationship. Discover the secrets to making it work, no matter how long you have been together.

Find out the secrets to having a strong and happy long-term relationship with our comprehensive guide! Get advice on building trust and taking care of yourself as well as your partner.

Discover how to strengthen and build a long-term relationship with the right advice and strategies. Learn what steps you can take to ensure your relationship lasts through life's ups and downs.

Your Partner Had an Affair: Now What? A free mini-course

Your Partner Had an Affair: Now What? A free mini-course


  • Video format 
  • 3 worksheets to guide your steps 
  • Guidance to help you prioritize your next moves
Powerful Journal Prompts to Decide Whether to Divorce Workbook

Powerful Journal Prompts to Decide Whether to Divorce Workbook


  • Downloadable pdf workbook 
  • Thoughtfully answer the Journal prompts 
  • Gain clarity on your next steps
Healing Relationship Injuries

Put the Past in the Past: Roadmap to Relationship Repairs


  • Detailed plan to make repairs in your relationship
  • Self-Guided videos
  • Worksheets to guide your work
  • Based on 20-years helping couples recover
Build your long-term Relationship

Work 1-on-2 With Cheri
Couples Coaching Package


  • Four (4) 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Between sessions support
  • Learn vital relationship tools and skills
  • Support to make the new skills become habits
  • Break longstanding relationship cycles
  • Based on 20-years helping couples deeply connect
Invitation to Work 1-on-2 with Cheri (Reconciliation Coaching)

Invitation to Work 1-on-2 with Cheri (Reconciliation Coaching)


  • Four (4) 60-minute coaching session
  • Between sessions support
  • Create and implement a personalized roadmap
  • Create new relationship cycles
  • Make repairs for deep relationship injuries
  • Start your new life together
Strengthen and Build your long-term Relationship.

Strategy Sessions


  • Strategy Sessions to help you implement new skills
  • Troubleshoot relationship problems
  • Personalized attention for your unique situation
  • Available on a limited basis
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