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You're committed. Solve problems so you will live well with your partner.

Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko - Coaching

Together forever has been harder than you expected.

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You have trouble being kind when you don’t see eye to eye.

You have strong differences of opinions.

You feel lonely, frustrated, and disappointed more than you thought you would.

You feel irritated by the little things your partner does.

You know the two of you could be happier.

The arguing and criticism have gotten in the way of connecting.

You are having less fun and sex.

You act more like roommates than lovers.

You spend more time on your phone than talking with your partner.


You just want to feel Close and Connected with your partner. You want to feel Heard and Understood. You long for the days of feeling Relaxed and Happy together.

What if it didn’t have to be so hard?

Imagine thinking of your partner as your best friend.

They're the first person you want to share news with. You look forward to spending time with them. It feels relaxed and fun even when there are things you disagree about.

Picture yourself talking through problems, looking for a solution that you can both support. Learning more about each other as you find common ground. Hashing out the best solutions and implementing them together.  You want to grow closer as you find win-win solutions.

You want the security of knowing that your partner will be kind even when you overreact. That they will see the best in you even when you can't.


Reclaim the feeling of joy that comes from being in sync, feeling relaxed, sharing an inside joke, and being at ease with one another. You can feel confident that you can say what is really bothering you and knowing that they really care.

Cheri Timko - Couples Relationship Coach

Hi, I'm Cheri and I can help!

I’m a Couples Relationship Coach who helps couples thrive in their long-term relationship. They are concerned that there is too much arguing, too many unresolved issues, and too little connection and joy in their relationship. They long for a close, harmonious, and intimate relationship. I teach them to fix the parts that aren't working well so they can enjoy the love they have for one another.

Working together, we'll:

•  Pinpoint what is not going smoothly.
•  Adjust the ways that you interact so you can relax around one another.
•  Put you back in control of your feelings and actions so you don’t feel hopeless and disappointed.
•  Build the relationship even as you go through rough times.

What you get:

1. The Pre-Work:

Help me get to know you and your relationship by filling out a questionnaire that describes who you are and what you want. This process helps you look at the bigger picture so you remember what works, as well as points out where the rough spots are.

2. The Work:

We will meet together privately for four 60-minute sessions. You'll learn:  

1. How to turn down the conflict.
2. How to talk so your partner can hear you.
3. Which relationship habits will make connecting easier for you.
4. Which conversations are vital to have.

3. The Homework:

Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko - Couples Relationship Coach

You'll leave each session with clear instructions of what to work on to ensure that you start to shift things in the relationship. After each session, you'll get a follow up email with a summary of the session and the homework we designed specifically for your situation. I will also check in with you between sessions to make sure you stay on track and to answer questions that may have popped up.

4. Wrap up session:

We'll have a wrap up session to outline your future goals and identify any other resources to support your work.  (You can work on your goals on your own, continue individualized work, or join the community.) 

You will finally fix those relationship hiccups that cause so much stress and tension. I can teach you these foundational skills so your relationship feels fun and relaxing again.

How to get started

1. Get started by scheduling a free 15-minute phone consultation to make sure that you will get the best results from the program. I want to ensure that you will get the results you really want. If that is not me, I don’t want to waste your time or money.

2. After you schedule a time, check your email for a brief screening questionnaire to help me learn more about you. You will need to complete and return the questionnaire at least 24 hours before your consultation or it will automatically be cancelled.

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine how Couples Coaching will transform your relationship.