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You dream of having a close and connected relationship with your partner.

 You know in your core that you are with the right partner.

One things that makes you different from other people is your deep and enduring commitment to your partner.  

Still, living out your "happily ever after" hasn’t been as easy as you hoped for.  

You knew being in a long-term relationship would be hard. Everyone warned you. But you didn’t realize it would be like this. You expected hard times, but you thought they would be few and far between, not mixed into every day. You never thought you would be the ones to:

I'm a relationship coach who supports committed couples who want to do more than “just stay together” in an average or unhappy relationship. I help you develop a close, connected, and satisfying relationship. Together, we identify and make small adjustments to the parts of your relationship where you struggle so you can have the kind of relationship that you dreamed of. WHO I WORK WITH: Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko You found “your person.” You found the one person who touched your heart and made you feel seen, heard, and valuable. This was not an arbitrary decision. In your heart, you knew they were the right person for you. You didn’t ignore their faults, but you knew that the two of you could really be something special. So, you made a lifelong commitment to them. You realized pretty quickly is that the deep love you have for one another doesn't guarantee you'll have smooth sailing. At first, you recovered from spats and it was fun to make up. After time, the differences between you started to really wear on you and your relationship. Now, you feel misunderstood and lonely too much of the time and a simple statement can spark an argument. WHAT WE DO TOGETHER Together, we identify the areas of your relationship that are not functioning well. Many couples come to work with me when they feel: • disconnected from one another • argue too much • have lots of miscommunications • have stopped having sex • feel disappointed with their relationship • struggle to recover from hurts Working together, we develop a step-by-step individualized plan to work on the rough spots in the relationship. With practice and support, these new ways of interacting become regular habits that strengthen your connection. It’s important that each and every solution is tailored to your specific situation. The goal is not to change who either of you are. Instead, we want to find the intersection of each person’s needs and find the sweet spot of living happily and easily together. That means that there is no cookie-cutter solution to fit each couple. With my help, you'll actively identify which interventions to try, then put them into practice to see what kind of a difference they make. You can achieve results by participating in the group program or through weekly coaching sessions with me. You choose which services fit for your situation based on your comfort level. The best results come when you both attend your chosen program. However, I have had great success collaborating with one partner who shares the information with their partner or uses the new information on their own. RELATIONSHIP COACHING OPTIONS I offer coaching through video sessions and in a Facebook group community. THERE ARE 3 WAYS TO WORK WITH ME Option 1: Synergy Couples Coaching with Community Join a group of couples dedicated to making their love last a lifetime. Learn new relationship techniques through live coaching calls. Receive on-going peer and mentor support through engaging discussions of the challenges that couples face. This program runs every 16 weeks. You can join any time, but each week builds on the success of the last week. This program offers maximum support. This program also has opportunities for individual strategy sessions to apply the new information specifically to your relationship and situation. Option 2: Private Coaching Sessions Meet with me individually or as a couple on a weekly basis to create a strategic and individualized plan to strengthen your relationship. This program allows you to learn specific tools to address the parts of your relationship that are interfering with your ability to feel close and connected, and to reaching the goals you have as a couple. You receive targeted support to implement new interactions so you can make them habits. Option 3: Work Smarter on Your Happily Ever After Want a taste of working with me before committing to a larger program? Use this two-session investment to identify and develop the habits that allow your relationship to deepen and grow without requiring a lot of your energy. You will choose from low-energy and highly effective options that develop closeness every day. We will develop a straightforward and easy to follow plan that you will begin practicing immediately. You can have a long relationship and a good relationship. Your journey starts here.