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Join a free community that will support your relationship. Where you will receive encouragement, inspiration, and support to take small steps to grow your relationship. Where you can offer your own wisdom about how to have a great relationship based on your own hard-earned learning.

You are joining a group of people who all value our relationship. We know that we need to invest some time into our relationship each week. This group will offer the encouragement and inspiration (and maybe accountability!) to block out that time.

What is a Date Night?

A date night will look different from couple to couple, and season to season. You get to decide what fits you best depending on your personalities and schedule. For some couples, they will get dressed up and leave the house. Other couples, they will run errands together. You might want to schedule your time together at home. The point is to have time set aside dedicated to one another so your relationship continues to grow over the years.

During your date, take a picture of the two of you or your activity. Then post it in the Facebook Date Night Community group under that week's thread. Look at the activities that others do on their dates for inspiration.

When you participate, you will get:

•  Weekly Conversation Questions.
•  Community encouragement.
•  Inspiration for new date activities.
•  Prompts to think about the strengths of your partner and your relationship.
•  Opportunities to reminisce about beginning of your relationship.
•  A gentle reminder to prioritize your spouse (for those of us who need it).

Conversation Questions: most of us fall into ruts in our communication with our partners. The Conversation Questions will prompt you to talk about new and interesting topics so you continue to know each other better.

Want a personalized reminder? Sometimes Facebook notifications get lost in the news feed. You can also get weekly reminders delivered directly to your email inbox. It will include: 

•  Weekly Reminders to schedule your date.
•  Weekly Conversation Questions.
•  A prompt to think about the strengths of your relationship.
•  Weekly Reminder to post your date night photo.
•  BONUS: A secret date night challenge.

We all benefit when our relationship is strong. Whether you are married, newly dating, or in a long-term partnership, the benefits of investing in your relationship will ripple out through your kids, your extended family, and your friends. Invest in keeping your relationship strong for your own benefit, and for the benefit of those around you.

Already a part of this movement? Invite a friend who needs to join us!