Coaching for Frustrated Wives

This is an invitation to exhausted and frustrated wives. They want to feel valued by their husband who carries his own weight in the relationship.

They feel justifiably angry and resentful towards their husbands. They have been responsible for most of the work of the relationship and for the family.

For years, they have tried to convince their husbands that they need help. They tried explaining, arguing, crying, and begging, but their husbands are still blind to the unfairness. Sometimes their efforts created a short-term change. But it quickly slipped back into old patterns. They WANT to stay committed to the relationship. But they know they can't live with the loneliness, resentment, and exhaustion any longer. They feel powerless to create REAL change in the relationship.

Together we will change how you relate to your husband by:

  1. Identifying the how this relationship has let you down.  We will prioritize the changes that MUST happen.  You will identify the areas where you have some influence to alter patterns.
  2. Setting boundaries that allow you to claim your rights as an equal partner in the relationship. The goal is to share the responsibilities so you both feel like things are fair.  Then, you will feel valued and cared about.  You will start to reclaim your energy. This is when you start to feel better about the relationship.  
  3. Troubleshoot and support the changes for 4 weeks.  With focused changes, you will start to feel close and loving towards your spouse again. You will be surprised how much they will respond to that change.  

In the program, you get four 1-on-1 Zoom calls, concise instructions to use new strategies between sessions, and email support between meetings.

The wife who will get the best results in this program:

  • has read the popular self-help books and still struggles to create long-term changes.
  • remembers at least one period of time when she felt close to her husband.
  • recognizes that her clueless husband is generally a good person.
  • neither partner is currently having an affair.
  • is not in an abusive relationship.
Coaching for Frustrated Wives

The investment for this 4-week program is $1000.

If you’re interested in this 30-day program, just send me an email at and we’ll chat to see if it’s a good fit for your marriage.

I also have a program for couples who are committed to their relationship, but struggle to move past problems from their past.