Reconciliation Coaching

This is an invitation to couples who are currently separated but have decided to “try again.” They separated due to problems in the relationship.

Although they intended to get divorced, they realized that they are not ready to move on. They want to claim the love that originally brought them together. But, they want to be smarter than in the past so they don’t repeat the same problems and negative cycles.

They are want a smart plan to get back together.  They want to change the patterns in their relationship that lead to their separation.

We’ll work together for 60 days on the following:

  1. Creating a 10-point reconciliation road map.  It will start where you are and detail the specific steps you will need to take to repair your relationship. 
  2. Implementing the steps to rebuild your "second marriage” with your first spouse.  We’ll brainstorm and troubleshoot each step so you are clear on what you need to accomplish before moving onto the next step. 
  3. Confronting the issues that tore you apart through targeted discussions. 
  4. Receiving support that teaches the missing skills of:  
  • communication, 
  • conflict management,  
  • problem solving, and  
  • relationship building.

We will meet together for four 60-minute Zoom calls. You will receive homework to practice specific strategies and tools to change your relationship patterns. You will receive email support between sessions.

The best part is that you will have a clear plan for reconciliation of your marriage. Even if you don't get to the end of your road map before the end of the coaching period.

The best couple for this program:

  • Has been in a long-term relationship with their spouse. 
  • Has the support of family, friends, or a therapist. 
  • Is able to see the possibility of forgiving their partner in the future. 
  • Both partners agree to “try again.” 
  • Both partners have already revealed the secrets (affairs, hidden money or debt, other romantic relationships) that could destroy the trust in the future. 
  • Each partner is living in a separate home. 
  • There are no pending child custody issues.

The investment for this 8-week program is $2000.

If you’re interested in the 60-day program, just send me an email at  and we’ll chat to see if it’s a good fit for your relationship.