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Posted On May 26, 2021 | By Cheri Timko

The Pandemic was stressful. For EVERYONE. Really, no one was spared from some difficulty. Yet, what we each faced was a unique experience. There was no universal set of circumstances. In fact, many of us experienced opposite effects. Some of us were hard hit financially, while others did better than usual. Some of us had lots of free time, while others had almost none.

Posted On May 14, 2021 | By Cheri Timko

“If my girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/lover ever cheated on me, I would be gone so fast!!!” I have heard some variety of this statement so many times.  Having sat with many couples as they worked through affair recovery, what I think they mean to say is: “Don’t cheat on me. EVER!  I mean it!  It would totally destroy me and put me in an impossible situation." 

Posted On May 07, 2021 | By Cheri Timko

When we picture our marriage, usually we imagine both partners being equally invested. Each person seeks out the other, says complimentary things, and does nice things to make the other person’s life better. In real life, that fairness often fades after the spark of newness wears off. Then we get to see who that person really is.

Posted On Apr 29, 2021 | By Cheri Timko

You meet that one special person. You fell in love. Everything feels special and intense and exciting and comfortable. You are the center of their world and they, yours. Then things shifted. Life came crowding in. You didn’t have as much time to do the fun things that brought you together. There was not as much time to talk or gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. 


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