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Helping Seasoned Couples to Ditch the Disappointment and Dare to Date Again.

What happened to the spark?

You've been together for a while. You know what to expect from one another. Kind of like roommates. It wasn't supposed to be this way. When you got together, this relationship had the promise of being special. You long to get it back.

You've talked to your spouse, but changes don't last very long. Your lives revert to the mundane patterns from before. The two of you have lived through some rough times, so you know that you have the commitment. But, the passion seems to have dwindled.

The only passion you see is when the two of you argue. There's passion, but it's not the good kind. The cycles of big fights are followed by disconnection. Then, something flips, and you get along again. But every time it happens, it's a little harder to connect or trust each other as much. You are worried about the long term effect of this pattern.

This is where couples coaching come in. I help couples make significant changes to their relationship. Together, we look at where things are going wrong and develop a specific plan to move things in the right direction.  I'll teach you how to make small changes add up to big overall changes when you stack them up.  

This will work for you.

Your passion and deep love are still there, but they are buried under the disappointment, hurt, and resentment. Your relationship needs a clean-out. That's when you make repairs and changes that stop the cycles of hurting one another.  This work allows the "in-love" feeling to flow again.

Cheri Timko - Couples Relationship Coach

Hi, I'm Cheri!

I’m a Couples Relationship Coach who helps couples thrive in their long-term relationship. They are concerned that there is too much arguing, too many unresolved issues, and too little connection and joy in their relationship. They long for a close, harmonious, and intimate relationship. I teach them to fix the parts that aren't working well so they can enjoy the love they have for one another.

What is relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching offers an innovative way to change your relationship using professional support and education. It teaches a problem-solving approach of describing the current patterns in your relationship and changing the future without needing to dredge up the past. You can see immediate changes in your relationship even if your partner is reluctant to participate.

She is the creator of Synergy Coaching

Synergy Couples Coaching with Community

Join a group of couples dedicated to making their love last a lifetime. Learn new relationship techniques through live coaching calls. Receive on-going peer and mentor support through engaging discussions of the challenges that couples face. This program runs every 16 weeks. You can join any time, but each week builds on the success of the last week. This program offers maximum support.

Private Coaching Sessions
Meet with me individually or as a couple on a weekly basis to create a strategic and individualized plan to strengthen your relationship. This program allows you to learn specific tools to address the parts of your relationship that are interfering with your ability to feel close and connected, and to reaching the goals you have as a couple. You receive targeted support to implement new interactions so you can make them habits.

Work Smarter on Your Happily Ever After

Want a taste of working with me before committing to a larger program? Use this two-session investment to identify and develop the habits that allow your relationship to deepen and grow without requiring a lot of your energy. You will choose from low-energy and highly effective options that develop closeness every day. We will develop a straightforward and easy to follow plan that you will begin practicing immediately.

Contact Cheri for more Information. Synergy Coaching with Cheri Timko. Address: 726 E. Park Avenue, #213 Fairmont, WV 26554

Cheri Timko is a marriage coach in Fairmont, West Virginia

Offers relationship coaching for couples. Offers marriage coaching for husband and wife.

Located in Fairmont, West Virginia.

Website for couples relationship located in Fairmont, West Virginia. 

Cheri Timko is a relationship coach who supports committed couples who want to do more than “just stay together” in an average or unhappy relationship.  Learn more about how to get involved in this movement of couples who don't just want to stay together but want to thrive together here.

an online community helping committed couples.
Mailing Address: 726 E. Park Avenue, #213 Fairmont, WV 26554

Cheri Timko is a relationship coach and the creator of Synergy Coaching, Fairmont, WV 

Get to know Cheri better on her podcast.