Cheri Timko is a couples relationship coach and the creator of Synergy Coaching, Fairmont, WV

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Cheri Timko - Relationship Coach

Get help now from a relationship expert. DECIDE IF THE RELATIONSHIP CAN BE SAVED When there is a crisis, you have a choice to make: do you stay together or split up. Either choice comes with a host of repercussions. Learn specifically what needs to change and how much energy it will take to really have a great relationship with your partner. MAKE REPAIRS TO THE RELATIONSHIP Some repairs are simple: apologize and don’t do it again. Often, relationship injuries require more thoughtful and intentional work to repair the relationship. Don’t guess what needs to be done – use an expert to know what will really help. RE-CONNECT & CLAIM THE LOVE YOU PROMISED ONE ANOTHER Remember the beginning of the relationship? You made promises to one another. If you feel like the relationship has not lived up to those promises, it is time to figure out how to realize that dream. FIX LONGSTANDING RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS Every relationship has problems. You don’t have to live with the limitations that you brought to the relationship. Learning good relationship habits can change the course of your relationship.

RELATIONSHIP ISSUES Family, friends, coworkers, strangers. We all have to get along with the people in our lives. Learn important skills to improve each relationship. EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES Emotions are such a basic part of life but can wreak havoc when they control us. Learn how to honor your emotions and make good choices for your life. LIFE DILEMMAS We all want to make good choices for our lives. Sometimes we are truly stumped or overwhelmed with a choice we have to make. Get help to figure out how to align your choices with your needs, values, and goals. SUPPORT It is difficult to find another person who will support you in your personal growth. Whether that is finding your way out of a dark pit or reaching for your highest aspirations, it is vital to have another person who believes that you can be your best self. Counseling allows you to access that level of support.

Cheri Timko is a couples relationship coach and the creator of Synergy Coaching, Fairmont, WV, contact her now.

Need help getting along with your spouse or significant other? Want to rekindle the love and closeness you used to have? New couples and long-term partners can learn the tools and techniques to help them reconnect with the most important person in our life. Click the link below to find out more.

Offers couple relationship coaching throughout US. Contact Cheri Timko now to learn more. Address: 726 E. Park Avenue, #213 Fairmont, WV 26554.

Location: Fairmont, West Virginia.

Cheri Timko is a couples relationship coach who supports committed couples who want to do more than “just stay together” in an average or unhappy relationship.

Chri Timko. You can have a great relationship. You might start from a place of crisis and disconnection. That does not need to define your relationship. Cheri Timko. Take the steps that will ensure that your relationship develops into a deeply satisfying, intimate, and connected relationship. Whether you are dating, engaged, newlywed, or married veterans.

Most people want to have great relationships. Some of us were lucky enough to grow up in families who modeled great relationship skills. Most of us did not.Cheri Timko. We have to figure it out as we go. Sometimes this works out. Other times we need an expert guide to help us learn what we are missing.

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